Escape Reality with a Virtual Reality Experience in Downtown Rehoboth Beach

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Unlock a new dimension at Escape Reality, an unprecedented virtual reality experience at the Delaware Beaches. We’ve harnessed the innovation of virtual technology to bring you the horizons of the future. Experience full-immersion games, worldwide destinations, escape room puzzles and beyond. Are you ready to challenge reality? Come redefine it with us.


Step into a Virtual Reality Pod, which gives you 100 square feet to dodge, spin, and move. Our systems do real-time tracking on your hand controllers, head, and upper body for an incredibly lifelike experience. Join the boundless virtual world via arcade-style games, experiences, and challenges...ranging from real-life locations to fantasy worlds, environments from underwater to outer space, and everything in between.


Anyone can escape reality--either as an individual user or within a group. Plus, the long list of available experiences has been segmented by age, difficulty, intensity, and time that your virtual session is customized to real-life parameters. This provides accessibility for any age or amount of people to be fully immersed in the Escape Reality experiences for an affordable team-building activity unlike any other.


The full scope of our Virtual Reality Experience is available in 10, 20, and 30 minute Escape Sessions at affordable season premiere pricing. Escape Reality is set to open over Memorial Day weekend and will be accessible to the public 7 days a week throughout the year. Just stop by to play with friends, family, or solo. You can also book a private event, corporate or birthday party--reserve a date and time by emailing [email protected]!

Escape Reality is just the beginning of a rapidly-evolving virtual reality experience which will include educational immersion programs, competitive events (such as gaming tournaments) and more--coming soon in Summer 2017!

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