What's your Southern Delaware Story?

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Southern Delaware Stories

We recently received this really lovely story and some photos from Judy in Iowa and wanted to share with you. What's your Southern Delaware story? We all have one...

"In 2014, my husband and I visited Lewes, Delaware and loved it. Before my beloved grandfather died in 1986, he would frequently state that he had visited all 50 states except for Maine and Alaska. I was a young mother at the time and busy with three sons. After grandfather's death, I frequently felt regret that I didn't say, "Grandpa, let's get on a plane and fly to Alaska and then to Maine." Because of these feelings, I made it my goal to complete the 50 states in memory of my grandfather. It took me years to do. I had three final states for years, Alaska, North Dakota, and Delaware. I finally knocked off Alaska and North Dakota. So Delaware was my last state. My husband and I finally made our trip to Delaware. My favorite souvenir from the trip is my mug that states, "Delaware 1787, The First State." I love the irony! Anyway, I thought you would enjoy my story and know that Delaware has a special place in my heart."   ~  Judy, Coralville, Iowa.

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