Abandoned Places - works by Michael Hower

This exhibition explores the aesthetic elements of abandoned historic sites. Michael Hower looks for human structures and engineered objects, especially those devoid of human activity, and shows how they possess subtleties and individuality.  His focus has narrowed to explore the 'less common' details, allowing them to become more apparent and noteworthy. Hower uses design elements, color, texture and pattern to convey themes of wear and deterioration. His artwork is not only about finished photographs and accompanying technical aspects; rather the finished product is part of a process that includes learning local history and lore, consultation of maps, and place-seeking journeys.  His photographs convey these efforts to find historical objects and present them in a way that more than just memorializes them. His goal is to reveal nuances and subtleties not readily apparent. Venue: Rehoboth Art League.



Rehoboth Beach