Historic Haunts Tour

The Lewes Historical Society and Delmarva Historic Haunts invite you to investigate four of The Lewes Historical Society's historic buildings including the Cannonball House, Burton Ingram, Rabbits Ferry, and the Old Doctor's Office for ghostly beings.

Delmarva Historic Haunts has researched paranormal activity throughout the region, at locations such as Gettysburg, Ft Delaware, Ft Miflin, the Parson Thorne Mansion and more. Now they are curious to see what activity they find in the first town of the first state- historic Lewes, Delaware. "Delmarva Historic Haunts is thrilled to have the opportunity to connect the past and present in Lewes, a town that continues to flourish in both. We use some of today's technology to try to answer questions about yesterday and tomorrow," says project manager Wendy Robinson.

In this 3 hour program, you will learn about ghosts and the tools used to explore paranormal activity, view first hand live data as it is being collected and go into our buildings to investigate for yourself. Reservations are now being accepted for October 5, 6, 26 and 27. There are two sessions per night at 7-10pm and 10:30-1:30am. There is a 50 person max for each time slot.

The cost is $25 per person. This program is for ages 13 and above only, space is limited and reservations are required on a first come first serve basis. Call 302-645-7670 to book your investigation or visit www.historiclewes.org for more information.



Lewes Historical Society Complex