Lewes Boat Building Program

Lewes was a shipbuilding town. From the 1600s until the mid 1800s, hundreds of vessels of all sizes were built on Lewes Creek. Join The Lewes Historical Society as we rekindle this art in Lewes as part of our Family Boat Building Weekend. Come support participating groups and families as they build shallow draft wooden boats called Bevin’s Skiffs, with help from The Lewes Historical Society’s Wooden Boat Crew in front of the Lewes Life-Saving Station. At roughly 12ft long, these wooden boats are great for fishing and recreation. The Bevin’s Skiff was created to be a teaching vessel, designed to be constructed by beginning builders, and is a perfect introductory boat for families. Scheduled for June 19-21, this educational event allows The Lewes Historical Society to continue the art of shipbuilding, as families are invited to Lewes historic sites, including the Lewes Life-Saving Station (c. 1884) to learn about the craft, use, and history of wooden boats. For more information, visit www.historiclewes.org




Downtown Historic Lewes