Aviation Attractions

Civil Air Patrol Exhibit

As the metaphorical noose tightened around the neck of German Fuhrer Adolph Hitler in the final days of World War II, an unnamed Nazi commander, as the story goes, was reportedly asked what he felt cost his country the war at sea. His rumored response – “those damned little red and yellow airplanes.”

More than a solitary belly laugh likely originated near the old Rehoboth Airport when news of that well-publicized remark became known – it was, after all, planes from the American coastline that the Germans found to be such a nuisance. Well-known decades ago as America and her Allies were turning back the quest for world domination on two separate fronts a half a world apart, the plight of a select group of civilian aviators turned war heroes has not been popularized in American military lore.

Yet it was the unheralded men and women of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), still a relatively unknown part of America’s fight against the Nazis during the Second World War, who made all the difference in the fighting’s early days. The impact the men of the CAP had on southern Delaware during World War II is featured in a special exhibit through March 2013 at the Rehoboth Museum on Rehoboth Avenue. Visit www.rehobothbeachmuseum.org for more information.

Delaware Aviation Museum

Located at the Sussex County Airport, the museum features many World War II aviation artifacts and displays. It is also home to the Jeffrey L. Ethell Memorial Aviation Library of more than 3,000 aviation related books, the largest aviation library on the East Coast. Aircraft on display include: B-25, L-16, UC-78B, Yak 9, Yak 52, PT26, CJ6, Mig 15, Mig 17, Mig 21, Iskra Jet, Fugi, C-130 and Su-25K Frogfoot. Call 302-854-0244 or visit www.georgetownair.com for more information.