Empowerment - Art that can Inspire Change!

The artwork of the Dewey Artists Collaborative (DAC) will be on display in “Empower – Art that can Inspire Change” at CAMP Rehoboth from January 20 until February 24, 2018, with an Opening Reception on January 20, from 1 to 3 p.m. Stop by to meet the artists and view the art that was created to empower others. The DAC artists will communicate their most passionate vision. How does art empower you? Perhaps through expressing a feeling, anything from a traditional Japanese woodblock print to the last meme you posted about the weather outside. We express ourselves daily using art without even knowing it, which after all is what art is; communication. How you communicate your vision through your creative expression is the art that you live by. Being empowered by art is sharing the art that inspires you to empower others, whether that is creating a women's movement by illustrating a woman in a red bandana in men's work clothes showing off her bicep, or the words HOPE under the portrait of our first African American president, these are images that Empowered movements in our history, and most likely just popped in your head because of the power they have. Be empowered and inspired! Stop by to see this art. The CAMP Rehoboth Community Center is located at 37 Baltimore Avenue, Rehoboth Beach.  Venue: CAMP Rehoboth.



Rehoboth Beach