Darwin Day Celebration at UUSD

The Darwin Day celebration emphasizes the important contribution that Charles Darwin has made to science, the important role that science plays in today’s society, and the key role that science and reason plays in UUSD’s free and responsible search for truth and meaning (the fourth Unitarian Universalist principle).       Featured speakers will include Professors Michael Rosenberg and Hal White from the University of Delaware.  A discussion will follow their presentations.    Professor of Biochemistry, Hal White, will address the topic of the role that RNA and genetics has played in our understanding of the origin of life.  His presentation, “The Origin of Life and the RNA World”, will describe how our knowledge of the genetics and biochemical basis of evolution enables us to understand the unity of life on earth and its origins much better than Charles Darwin described over 150 years ago.    Professor of Anthropology, Michael Rosenberg, in his presentation on “Darwin and the Mechanics of Cultural Evolution,” will discuss the complexities of the evolution of cultures caused by the fact that no two people view their cultures from the same perspective. Venue: Unitarian Universalists of Southern Delaware.