Milton Arts Guild March Artful Touch

Wednesday, March 21 2018 at 6:30pm

Explore the slick, sometimes scary, painting surface of Yupo. Rita will supply “starter pieces” – painted Yupo sheets with cling wrap dried. Then the fun begins!  You’ll peel the cling wrap off and “look” for an image to develop. This means identifying what you want to bring to life, lifting the dried paint with Q-tips, brushes, and tissue paper then adding backgrounds, details, and color to bring the image forward. This will be a watercolor based class, however, it’s completely ok use the “starter” to develop the image with acrylic.  This means working fast, cause as we all know, acrylic dries fast, and doesn’t lift as easily on Yupo.  Bring your palette, paints, brushes, water containers, and any other supplies you like to have on hand. Most importantly, bring your imagination. MAG Artful Touch Classes are $30 for MAG members if prepaid. For Non-members or Members who have not prepaid, the cost is $40. Classes run approximately 2 hours. Register on the MAG website and pay with PayPal or contact Ginny Barney at 302.236.8225 or [email protected] or with Kathy Fessenbecker at 727.421.9530 or [email protected]. Venue: Milton Arts Guild.